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Technical WritingIntank Services have a proven track record in the planning, preparation and writing of a broad range of  technical publications. The aim of a technical writer is to communicate understandable and level adjusted, technical information to targeted audiences. This information may be  presented in a variety of media, which might include; instructional manuals, SOP’s, leaflets, CD, video, slide show presentations, etc.


We plan and execute our writing projects in an effective manner employing rigid quality management processes.

This is a required step in understanding the business or business process for which the material is being prepared and for analysing the informational needs of the user.

Communication and Collaboration
We communicate with managers and developers in order to collate technical information and to resolve technical issues. Thereafter, we liaise with selected experts in order to satisfy user requirements and collaborate with translators, printers and other service providers.

Writing and Editing
We write content so that information is presented in an organised manner and in  clear   and simple language in the style agreed at the time of commissioning. Thereafter, commissioning and/or preparing the illustrations for the material. Accurately  indexing and cataloguing content and then cross-editing the work of  our writing team.

Technical Writing services are implemented as long term projects and these services are available to new customers under contract arrangement on a fixed fee plan.


A Quality Approach

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