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Loss ControlLoss Control is about the measurement and analysis of processes and about developing measures to control and minimise loss. Loss control measures reduce loss and make them more predictable and manageable.

Typically  “Loss Control” is achieved through  long term project conducted at  specific locations.  The process is managed by  following these steps:


  1. Historical Loss Analysis -  Whether large or small historic data provides information of frequency and  magnitude of losses and dollar exposure.
  2. Identify Critical Control Points (CCP) – These are the points or steps in a process were controls are readily  established
  3. Establish Critical Limits – These are the boundaries for the control measures established at the CCP 
  4. Establish Monitoring Procedures – This is the process of analysis, measurement and recording of data produced at the CCP whereby an assessment can be made to establish whether the CCP is under control. 
  5. Establish Corrective Actions – These are the actions to be taken when the critical limits at a CCP are exceeded.
  6. Establish Effective Record Keeping – Effective record keeping is a method of ensuring that the loss control process is documented and that data is available for analysis. 
  7. Verify that the Control System is working Properly – This includes review of the CCP critical limits and that these limits are adequate to control given parameters. The overall functionality of the control system must be verified including ensuring that the system is being properly followed with minimal or no deviation.

Intank Services are skilled in all aspects of Quality Management Systems, of which Loss Control is a part. For the entire life of the company we have been engaged in loss control projects at major refineries; projects which have proved effective in reducing oil loss at the refineries to manageable levels.


Loss Control  services are implemented as   long term projects and these services are available to new customers under contract arrangement on a fixed fee plan.


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