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Quality ControlQuality Control is about ensuring that quality procedures are followed and about measuring the performance of those procedures through  analysing results obtained at specific points in the process.

The type of Quality Control provided by Intank Services is very specific to our clients business. We use a robust set of proprietary procedures designed to detect  human  or mechanical error on ship or shore. Wherever possible we accomplish this in a proactive manner so  that the resulting impact is minimised, thus providing the opportunity to rectify the problem or to accomplish alternative solutions.

These services are typically provided on gas, product or chemical tankers carrying sensitive cargoes and are available on a  spot basis at our standard fee rate.


In support of a certification programme operated by an affiliate company,   we provide expert advice and attendance onboard vessels and at out ports  in connection with three quality control products:


  • Cargo Care (Owners)
  • Voyage Care (Charterers)
  • Total Quality Management or TQM (Cargo Care + Voyage Care)



A Quality Approach

Intank Services powers performance by drawing on the collective experience of our consultants to generate real time solutions to problems and obstacles affecting our clients business. Through the success of our clients' business, we also achieve success. [Our Services]
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